About Bliss

Namaste I am Nina Hossain and owner of Bliss Ayurveda. My interest and passion in Ayurveda began some years ago when I visited India as a child. My grandmother would prepare traditional Ayurvedic ‘potions’ from natural herbs and spices to cure our ‘weak British bellies’, relieve our itching ‘sweet, mosquito attracting skin’. Watching her grind, crush and prepare a manner of cures had me captivated. Subsequently I have always kept a keen interest in traditional medicine and healing, incorporating it into my daily life and ensuing such great passion that I wanted to make it my career.

After completing my degree in Sociology I moved to Amsterdam The Netherlands where I embarked in HBO study in Ayurveda. Graduating in 2008 from EISRA Den Haag as Ayurvedic Practioner. Additionally I have embarked on practical internships in Raiwala India, deepening my understanding of Pancha Karma Therapy and other forms of Ayurvedic treatments.

I have also had the great opportunity to become a student intern of Kerala Ayurvedic Centre Amstelveen under tutelage for 1.5 years learned South Indian style of Ayurveda, body work and treatments as well as Marma therapy.

Furthermore I have follwed a number of years of Western medicine and Pathology. I have had the opportunity to have worked with several Ayurvedic institutions – Kerala Ayurvedic Centre, Amstelveen. Ayur Yoga Health Centre, Amsterdam. Ayurveda Kliniek, Rotterdam as well as teaching at the Academy of Ayuvedic Studies and undertaken numerous workshops.

It gives me pleasure to bring my experience and the great body of knowledge which is Ayurveda into Bliss Ayurveda where ancient methods are used to bring health and well being.

Nina Hossain